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These sliding door handles
are no longer available.
If your door won't lock, you
may just need a new latch assembly.  Shown right.

Uses the latch assembly with the gray cylinder.


These sliding door handles
are no longer available.
Order Elite-C handle shown right for a working solution.  ------>
If your door won't lock, you
may just need a new latch assembly.  Uses the latch assembly with the black cylinder.






Hurd Door Parts
> Sliding        


       Sliding Patio Door Parts  Primed Wood  and Aluminum Clad


       HANDLE SETS                                                     *all prices include shipping



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038553 038552 Foot Lock Package  
White or Bronze

012021 Replacement Roller

One size fits all.


011771 Interior Mounting Plate  for door handle

Tips: 1 Ensure the door is properly adjusted. The door should slide back and forth evenly, not rocking when you pull it open or closed. This typically means the wheels are off track, not evenly adjusted in height or broken.
2  When you install your back plate, you can put Locktite on each screw. This will hold the screw securely and not allow it to loosen up over time. A loose screw causes the plate to move around when you open and close the door and greatly shortens the life to the casting.

No longer







Latch assembly 

Often the culprit in a door that cannot be locked.  The old one must be replaced with the same version (determined by color of cylinder) or the keyed cylinder will not fit.


If the cylinder is in the 45 degree position with the latch in the unlocked position, then 019036 would be correct. If the cylinder is at 90 degrees when in the unlocked position, you need 022190.









Elite - C

Fits Hurd sliding doors mfg between 1993 - 2006



Replacement for discontinued sliding door handle shown left.  This is not a perfect fit, but a working solution. You will have to fill in the top hole that will remain from the old style handle.

$155 without
keyed cylinder

$175 with
keyed cylinder

Handle is 8 1/2" long.
Mounting holes are 5 1/2" CTC
Latch assembly sold separately.



Screen Rollers
Sold in Pairs



Screen Rollers
Sold in Pairs

New Style




 Nailing Fin


Used at the head and sides.
Sold in 12 foot lengths


076101 Sliding
Screen Door


Black Plastic


096407 Sliding
Screen Door
Keeper Package

Package includes:
2 - White Anti-Rattle Guides
2 - Black Anti-Rattle Guides
1 - Screen Keeper
2 - #6 x 1/2" Screws



 Sill Seal


Sold in 8 foot lengths
For doors sold prior to 2006.



 Tan vinyl side
 stop weather

Sold in 8 foot lengths
Inside side stop on side jamb.



  Head Seal


Hurd vinyl head door seal 6ft length - Sand



REPLACEMENT SCREEN DOORS - We do not sell Hurd screen doors due to the high cost of shipping them safely. Please visit and search
for a local dealer.  A local dealer can have the screen delivered to their facility for local pick up and defer any cost of freight as Hurd does not charge freight to its dealers.    


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Hurd Window and Door Replacement Parts and Accessories

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If you have a question, or need information,
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If you must call, please be prepared to leave a message with the following information:

1.) Type of window or door,  i.e. casement, awning, double hung window, or swinging or sliding door.
2.) Is it aluminum clad or primed wood on the exterior
3.) The year it was manufactured - this can be found etched in one of the four corners of the glass or,
      stamped on the spacer bar between the 2 panes of glass, or else tell us the year your home was built.

Contact us via email (best way) or, call 717-889-9159




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