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This style lockset is no
longer available.  Please
bear with us as we find
a solution for these door
handles. It shouldn't be
too long now!

  This is what a properly installed
  bushing kit looks like in a door
  handle assembly.


Hurd Door Parts


       Swinging Patio Door Parts Primed Wood  and Aluminum Clad

      In-swinging  Patio Door Parts 

       HOPPE HANDLE SETS                                            *all prices include shipping

Bright Brass
Antique Brass
Brushed Chrome
Oil-Rubbed Brass
Satin Nickel
Oil-Rubbed Bronze

*Images above show finish colors - Handle design is shown below

Operating Door - 3 point Hardware

Active handle is for the main active door. It has a keyed cylinder

Reversible handle. Not handed.

2131135 Bright Brass 245.75
2131143 Antique Brass 245.75
2131160 Brushed Chrome 265.75
2131581 Oil-Rubbed Brass 265.75
2131178 Black 245.75
2106263 Satin Nickel 295.75
2205739 Oil Rubbed Bronze 265.75

Dummy Handle - 3 point Hardware

Dummy handle does not function. If you have a double door where the semi-active door is locked by flipping the manual throw bolts, but you wanted it to have a matching handle, then you would get the dummy & it just screws to the face of the door. Decorative only.

Reversible handle. Not handed


Bright Brass


Antique Brass


Brushed Chrome


Oil-Rubbed Brass




Satin Nickel


Oil-Rubbed Bronze


Semi-Active - 3 point Hardware

Gear driven semi active – this is if you have a double door & the semi-active door does not have manual throw bolts, but has its own locking system that requires the handle to throw the shoot bolts. This handle works the same way as the active, however it does not have a keyed cylinder. Only has a thumb turn on the inside.

Semi-Active Trim and Handle Set

Reversible handle. Not handed

2131590 Bright Brass 245.75
2131602 Antique Brass 245.75
2131629 Brushed Chrome 265.75
2131670 Black 245.75
2106301 Satin Nickel 295.75
2205747 Oil-Rubbed Bronze 265.75
Upper Extension 3-Point Hardware Roller Style
Multi-point replacement gear
Tongue latch style

Note: existing part should have “Hoppe” stamped in the steel near the door latch. If it says “fuhr” these parts will not work. You will need to fill out the Hoppe conversion form & return to us for a quote.

Click to view detail

Multi-point replacement gear
Roller latch style

Note: existing part should have “Hoppe” stamped in the steel near the door latch. If it says “Fuhr” these parts will not work. You will need to fill out the Hoppe conversion form & return to us for a quote.

Click to view detail

8778139 Round bolt
multi-point lock
Some rare Hurd doors used the lock shown here.

Click to view detail

096140 Single point lock box
GU Type

Click to view detail

11517499 Single point lock box
Hoppe Type

Click to view detail


          *Price includes shipping

Adjustable Inswing Hinge
Click above image for more information.


Limited quantity and finishes available. Order now!


 Multipoint Strike Plate
 Stainless Steel


 Multipoint center latch lock strike
 With spring loaded latch


 Multipoint top & bottom strike
Like center strike above but
 without  spring loaded latch.

Set of 2


Replacement Bushing Kit
This will rebuild either one interior or
one exterior escutcheon assembly.
Two kits are required to rebuild the
complete door handle assembly.

See image left for example of parts installed..
1 - Zinc Die-Cast Bushing,
1 - Spring
1 - Retaining Washer
1 - Cir-clip


Active Door Sweep
Helpful Hint:  Remove your door by removing hinge pins.  Remove old door sweep and staples that may be holding it on.  Clean the bottom of the door, add a bead of silicone to the bottom edge of your door and staple the new door sweep on to the door bottom. The silicone with give you an added guard against future moisture penetration into your door panel.

Lite Grey color shown above is no longer available.  The replacement is brown.
Each sweep is 3ft (36in).


Weatherstrip for swinging patio doors with fiberglass sill
A common wear item on in-swinging patio doors with fiberglass sills.  10ft length

25701,2,3 Screen Rollers
Sold in Pairs

 Screen Rollers
  Sold in Pairs

New Style



Replacement weather stripping sets

Fits doors up to 96” high and 72” wide.
Trim to fit, includes side and head weather strip. Does not include sill or door bottom.


Folding Nailing Fin  Part #024194 
 Used at the head and sides.
 Sold in 6 foot lengths
per 6ft.


REPLACEMENT SCREEN DOORS - We do not sell Hurd screen doors due to the high cost of shipping them safely. Please visit and search
for a local dealer.  A local dealer can have the screen delivered to their facility for local pick up and defer any cost of freight as Hurd does not charge freight to its dealers.    


^top  |  Complete parts diagram for swinging doors mfg prior to 2004




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2.) Is it aluminum clad or primed wood on the exterior
3.) The year it was manufactured - this can be found etched in one of the four corners of the glass or,
      stamped on the spacer bar between the 2 panes of glass, or else tell us the year your home was built.

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